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DVDsUSPTA has produced hundreds of DVDs that are available at They range from World Conference seminars and specialty courses, which earn you education credits, to episodes of "On Court with USPTA," the association's award-winning show that features on the Tennis Channel. Many of these offer drills for all levels of players. View clips from "On Court with USPTA" here.

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On Court with USPTA

On Court with USPTA

"On Court with USPTA" is a series of half-hour instructional shows that air exclusively on the Tennis Channel. It features USPTA-certified teaching professionals and coaches from around the country who demonstrate to tennis enthusiasts the skills and techniques necessary to improve their game. You'll learn how to hit the basic shots like the volley, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, and learn the strokes that the pros use in the modern game. Not only will you learn about stroke technique, but you'll also learn about footwork, when to hit the open-stance, and strategies and tactics for both doubles and singles play. Each episode is available on DVD and includes bonus material such as extended lessons, tips, drills, interviews and more. Eight or more episodes are added per year.

The shows are produced entirely by USPTA's Multimedia Department and are in high definition. Click here to learn more.

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Practice Planner

The USPTA Practice Planner is an interactive Web application that offers many options for building your own individualized practice or lesson plan, either from scratch or using several pre-designed plans.

The planner has two user modes: Wizard and Expert. The Wizard mode includes a step-by-step, one-question-per-page process in which you are asked to answer questions and select drills to build your practice plan. This is recommended for new users.

The Expert mode lets you build your practice plan quickly with a series of selection boxes on each page for the length of practice, type of activity, drill category, drill type, length of time per activity and more.

Click here to register for a free practice planner account (USPTA members only).

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Teaching Tools

Compass draw 1 (via USTA)

Compass draw 2 (USTA)

Court diagrams

Court 1 – PDF, Microsoft Word
Court 2 – PDF, Microsoft Word

Draw sheets

32-player draw – PDF, Word document
16-player draw – PDF, Word document

Match chart

Practice plannerThis is a free tool for USPTA members. Register and log in to customize practice plans using hundreds of drills.

Round-robin format6 to 16 players (.PDF)

Round-robin generator 1

Round-robin generator 2

Round-robin tennis tournament draws

Non-elimination tournament

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Visit and do an advanced search to look for specific types of drills, tips and articles.

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Tennis Tips

Find more tips here.

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