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Professional Membership Certification -- USPTA tennis-teaching professional


Professional Certification applicants START HERE:

Follow the instructions on the form

Choose a test date and location
Determine which exam path works for you


Complete Coach Youth Tennis:

CoachYouthTennisVisit coachyouthtennis to get started.

Register for an account and take the 6 free online courses

Select and attend the on-court, face-to-face workshop most convenient for you*

* If there are no on-court workshops available in your area at this time, you may take the Certification Exam first. Your exam results will be released upon completion of the CYT workshop.


Take the USPTA Certification Exam

Take the exam at the time, date and location you selected on the application form.

Complete all certification requirements

You are now a USPTA member!



I've applied for membership, what happens next?

You will receive an email with a link to a PDF of the study materials for the PTCA-1 course.

  1. If you purchased the hard copy of the study materials, they will be shipped to you.
  2. If you have selected a test date, you will receive an email confirmation of being placed on the test list and information regarding the Coach Youth Tennis requirement for certification.
  3. You will receive an email with login credentials and a link to the PTCA-1 online course, Written and Grip exams.
    1. If you have elected the one-day test track we strongly suggest you complete the PTCA-1 8 hour online course before your on-court assessment as it defines the expectations of the tester regarding skills, appearance and interaction during the on-court assessment.
    2. If you have elected the two-day test track, you will be taking the PTCA-1 course in person with the tester on day one at the test site. We recommend you review the study materials you were sent via email prior to day one of testing.

I've taken the exam. Now what?

  1. The tester will notify World Headquarters you have taken the on-court portions at the test site.
  2. After completing all certification requirements (the PTCA-1 in person or online, written and grip exams online, and all 7 courses of Coach Youth Tennis), on-court assessment results will be mailed to you.  

NOTE:  As a rule, we do not provide test results over the phone. To expedite your results please make sure all certification requirements have been met either before or shortly after your on-court assessment.

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Platform Tennis-Teaching Professional

applicationThis is a teaching category requiring successful completion of the USPTA Platform Tennis Certification Exam, leading to a certification rating of Professional. Platform tennis professionals will become a separately tested and certified membership category under the USPTA umbrella. All professionals who become certified in platform tennis will receive all of the same benefits and pay the same annual dues as current USPTA-certified tennis professionals.

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Take the Platform Tennis Certification Exam

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Recreational Coach

applicationThe USPTA Recreational Coach category is designed for people who may already be teaching tennis - as high school coaches, at recreational facilities or in other part-time situations - but are not immediate candidates for careers as full-time teaching professionals.

To become a Recreational Coach, applicants must complete the online PTCA I or attend a Coach Youth Tennis Workshop, which covers the basic standards of tennis teaching. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this category.

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Wheelchair Certification

USPTA is committed to quality teaching of all players and understands the need to fill the void in the wheelchair certification area. This program opens up new teaching opportunities for professionals and encourages the growth of wheelchair tennis. The wheelchair certification allows teaching pros to work with wheelchair players and instruct other teachers on this sport.

Currently wheelchair certification open to USPTA Certified Professionals and Recreational Coaches with memberships in good standing. The certification consists of day and a half of on court and classroom education culminating in a 26 question written exam.

To view current wheelchair testing opportunities CLICK HERE 

To sign up for a wheelchair certification test, please call the Membership team at 800-877-8248 or email

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School Coach

applicationThis is a new membership category for school tennis coaches. School athletic directors are encouraged to sign up their schools, and all tennis coaches at a school will have access to the benefits. This is an annual membership for $99 per year.

Benefits include:

  • Full access to – a website with hundreds of hours of drills, tips, instructional videos and more.
  • Interactive online practice planner containing hundreds of drills to help you build custom lesson plans for your team to help you stay organized during the busy school year. (View a samplehere)
  • School subscription to Tennis magazine
  • School subscription to Tennis Industry magazine
  • USPTA member pricing for USPTA national and division events

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