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USPTA requires all certified members to earn 6 credits of continuing education in a three-year period. (International members and those 65 or older are exempt.) The time period coincides with the date you completed the certification exam or reinstated your membership. Please login to My USPTA to check your Professional Development Program end date to see if your credits are due by Dec. 31, 2017. If the requirement is not met, you will have your membership suspended. To help you meet that goal, USPTA provides hundreds of hours of education every year in the form of conferences, workshops, webinars, DVDs and more. is an excellent resource for free education opportunities. In addition, the Coach Youth Tennis website offers six free online courses that earn a 1/2 education credit each. Upon completion of the sixth course, you will receive 3 bonus credits, bringing the total to 6 credits and completing the continuing education requirement (you do not need to complete the online workshop unless you are completing your USPTA certification). Go to for more information. Click here to view a list of all certified members who have earned 6 credits from Jan. 1, 2014-Dec. 31, 2016.

Eligible activities

Credit stampLook for the credit stamp to see how many points an event is worth (see sample to right).

The list below is only a partial listing of events eligible for educational credit. If you have questions concerning events or activities not listed, please contact the Education Department at or 407-634-3050 ex 166 and 800-877-8248. Members are responsible for submitting proof of attendance for non-USPTA events (email, letter, certificate, receipt, etc.)

USPTA activities/events
Book review 2
Business meeting w/education .5-2
Conferences 1-6
Education events/workshops .5-5
Professional Tennis Management Program 9-18
Seminars .5-2
Speaker (Conference) 1
Specialty courses (4 hours) 2
World Conference 10
DVDs** .5-2

USTA activities/events
High Performance Coaching Program 12
High Performance Coaching Program Continuing Education 2.5-11.5
Conferences 1-6
Sport Science Exams 2
Tennis Teachers Conference 8
Officials clinic 2-3
Workshops 1-6
Seminars .5-2
Annual meeting 5
Semi-annual meeting 3
Sectional meeting 2-3

Allied organizations activities/events
Conferences 2-5
College courses 1-10
Courses and training 0.5-10
Clinics 0.5-5
Workshops 0.5-5
USRSA Courses and Exams 1-4
Seminars 0.5-2
Certifications 1-4

* Credit may vary according to the number of education hours included in activity. Credit given for events that are more than one day may vary depending on length of your participation.

** Only USPTA seminars, specialty courses or player development DVDs are eligible. "On Court with USPTA" DVDs do not qualify for education credits.

Accredited Professional Coach

The Accredited Professional Coach credential is earned and retained through mandatory continuing education and is valuable to not only those who attain it, but also to employers, the public and the tennis-teaching profession itself. It demonstrates a tennis teacher's commitment to career-based education in such knowledge areas of tennis as, teaching skills, sport science and business concepts. The APC designation also demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence. The skills acquired through mandatory education are applicable to all tennis industry areas.

To become an APC, a USPTA member must be an Elite Professional, Professional or Master Professional and earn 20 APC designated continuing education units over a two-year period. An event can earn you APC credits if your attendance is verifiable. Please contact the Education Department at to confirm if an event is APC eligible.

Members must also take the Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I course and pass a competency exam at 80 percent or higher. Members may take the course in person during a certification exam and then take the online exam ($75), use the study material on their own and then take the online exam ($50) or take the online PTCA I course and then take the online exam ($50). The PTCA I and competency exam are one-time requirements. Members do not need to take the PTCA I every two years.

APC CEUs can be earned through numerous USPTA- and industry-sponsored activities and through outside certifications, and online coursework. Members must continue to earn 20 APC CEUs every two years to maintain their accreditation.

For more information about the APC credential, please contact the Education Department at

To sign up for a live PTCA I, contact the Membership Department at Order the online PTCA I here.

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Education Participation Levels

USPTA members are recognized for their participation with the following incentives:

Participation Level I:

9 credits* in one year or the prorated requirement over the preceding year

You earn:
1. Certificate of completion
2. Recognition in the USPTA Membership Directory
3. Name in ADDvantage magazine
4. Letter of accomplishment and/or press release for portfolio
5. Recognition on
6. 20 percent discount on business-related logo merchandise

Participation Level II:

18* credits in one year

You earn all from Level I plus:
   Advanced certificate of completion

Participation Level III:

36* credits in one year or top-10 career development credit holders

You earn all from Level II plus:
   Top-10 earners receive an award
   The Top Earner receives an award and photo opportunity at the annual USPTA World Conference

Participation Level IV:

9 credits each year for 10 consecutive years

You earn all from Level III plus:
   Framed certificate of recognition

*Credit totals will be reviewed by the Education Committee.

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Instructional DVDs

Earn education credits by viewing eligible USPTA DVDs and submitting a verification code. The DVDs are produced from many sources, including video recordings of both specialty courses and seminars from past USPTA World Conferences, DVD productions from special events, such as the USPTA Competitive Player Development Conferences, drills, games and more. To see what's available go to Click on a DVD to see how many education credits you can earn for that title.

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Master Professional

USPTA Master Professional is the highest, most esteemed category of membership. Qualified applicants must hold an Elite Professional rating for 10 years, complete a required number of continuing education hours and fulfill a broad spectrum of industry service. The Master Professional Committee makes the final decision on the review of applicants. Master Professionals are required to earn 6 credits every three years to maintain their membership. These members should be capable of high-level jobs such as general manager, director of tennis operations or director of tennis.

Master Professional application (PDF)

Creating an electronic scrapbook (PDF)

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Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I

The Professional Tennis Coaches Academy I is an online course that combines audio, visual and text formats, as well as short quizzes at the end of each section to optimize the learning and review experience.

Teaching skill topics:

  • Progressions
  • Videos on how to administer a private and group lesson

Business and programming:

  • Facility and pro shop management
  • Equipment

Advanced player development:

  • Anatomy of a shot
  • Common shots
  • Specialty shots
  • Rules of tennis
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Effective planning and drills

The course also gives a history of tennis and grips.

If you took the Certification Exam prior to January 2008, this course is available to you for an introductory fee of $50. Upon completion of the course you will receive 4 education credits. Click here to purchase.

Need to upgrade?

This is a great course to help you prepare for your upgrade exam.  The course offers a more extensive and in-depth overview of all the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete both the written and on-court certification exams.  To complement the written format, this online course offers audio and video features so that you have the option to listen, watch and read along as you go through the course.  A major benefit of incorporating these new features is that they utilize multiple learning styles so applicants can better retain the information in the course.

This course is available to you for $45 when you register for an upgrade exam.  You will also receive 4 education credits for completing this course.

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Professional Tennis Management

Professional Tennis Management is a structured educational program that provides students the opportunity to acquire a college business degree with a specialty in tennis management. The program is designed to attract and educate men and women and prepare them for careers within the tennis industry.

Offered at both four-year and two-year institutions, the program is offered within the marketing department and the school of business. The major is called Professional Tennis Management, or Marketing/Professional Tennis Management. The curriculum includes general education courses, business core, and marketing major courses that are acceptable to USPTA and which satisfy university requirements for marketing majors.

The following is a list of USPTA accredited Professional Tennis Management programs.

Berry College
Rome, GA
Click here for more information.
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI
Click here  for more information

Hope College
Holland, MI
Click here  for more information.

Manhattanville College
Purchase, NY
Click here for more information.

Methodist University
Fayetteville, NC
Click here for more information.

San Diego State University
San Diego, CA
Click here for more information.

Tyler Junior College
Tyler, TX
Click here for more information.

University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL
Click here for more information.

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Click here for more information.

USPTA specialist degree program

The USPTA specialist program provides education and certification opportunities to those who specialize in certain areas of the tennis-teaching profession. USPTA administers most specialist programs so that once applicants fulfill the criteria, they do not have to travel to a testing site to obtain the specialist degree they seek. Instead, applicants demonstrate their command of the specialization subject through additional documentation submitted for panel review.

The specialist program was designed to:

  1. Create a market demand for USPTA-certified Professionals by promoting the benefits of hiring specialists to owners, managers and others who employ tennis-teaching professionals.
  2. Offer continuing education to USPTA members who seek to improve their skills and their competencies throughout their careers.
  3. Provide measurable opportunities for the best USPTA Professionals to demonstrate their skills, allowing them the prestige of being recognized as among the most elite in their chosen profession.

Competitive Player Development

In cooperation with USTA Coaching Education Department

USPTA-certified teaching professionals who specialize in developing players who compete or will compete at the highest levels of tennis now can be recognized for their expertise by gaining certification as a Specialist in Competitive Player Development.

To earn the specialist credential, teaching professionals must successfully complete the USTA High Performance Coaching Program curriculum administered by the USTA Coaching Education Department.

Professionals committed to developing competitive players play a vital role in the future of professional tennis and in the lives of the players they teach. This specialist program, like those already in place and being added, offers USPTA members a significant educational experience and an opportunity to distinguish themselves as true specialists.

To apply, you must be rated USPTA Professional or higher.

Interested professionals should call USPTA’s Education Department at 800-877-8248, ext. 147 or email or USTA’s Jessica Battaglia at or 561-962-6406.

Application and packet

Facility Management

The Specialist in Facility Management degree is designed to:

  1. Create a market demand for USPTA-certified Professionals with owners, managers and other employers.
  2. Evaluate the business skills required for a tennis-teaching professional to effectively manage a tennis facility.
  3. Enhance the teaching professional's business knowledge to more efficiently market the professional.
  4. Provide measurable opportunities for USPTA Professionals who possess managerial skills to earn recognition and excel at their profession in the new millennium.

USPTA Specialist in Facility Management degree is available to qualified professionals who meet all the required prerequisites and competencies.

Application and packet

Pro Shop Operations

The Specialist in Pro Shop Operations is designed to:

  1. Create a market demand for tennis-teaching professionals who can bolster the financial health of a tennis business through sound retail business practices.
  2. Provide continuing education to professionals who seek to further their careers by emphasizing retail opportunities.
  3. Recognize professionals with the greatest competency in this area.
  4. Increase the profitability of tennis retail businesses for the betterment of tennis professionals and the tennis industry.

USPTA Specialist in Pro Shop Operations degree is available to qualified professionals who meet all the required prerequisites and competencies.

Application and packet

Wheelchair Tennis

The Specialist in Wheelchair Tennis degree is designed to:

  1. Create a market demand for USPTA-certified Professionals with consumers, owners, managers and other employers.
  2. Provide the tennis-teaching professional with the skills required to teach wheelchair players and other special populations.
  3. Enhance the professional's knowledge of teaching through continuing education and specialized training.
  4. Provide measurable opportunities for USPTA Professionals to earn recognition in a specialized area.

USPTA Specialist in Wheelchair Tennis degree is available to qualified professionals who meet all the required prerequisites and competencies.

Application and packet

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